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Tesla plans to build a new factory in the southwest of the United States in the third quarter, investing $1 billion.

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Tesla plans to build a new factory – According to the Automotive News website, U.S. electric car maker Tesla is targeting the An area southeast of Austin, Texas, where the company is preparing to build its second auto plant in the U.S., with a commitment of for about $1 billion.

At the moment, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk prepares to choose a location for Cybertruck production .

According to publicly filed documents, the company has filed an application with an Austin-area school district in Travis County seeking tax breaks .

Musk announced in March this year that the Silicon Valley-based automaker had begun scouting to produce Cybertruck and Location of the Model Y crossover. cybertruck is still in development at the moment, while the Model Y crossover for customers on the East Coast.

In the filing above, Tesla said, “Tesla is evaluating the development, design and construction of an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County for Possibility.”

The potential plant site Tesla is considering covers 2,100 acres and is currently the Martin Marietta The ready-mix concrete production facility owned by Materials Inc. Tesla is proposing to start construction on the factory in the third quarter of this year, but the plan has not yet received all the necessary approvals.

The 4 to 5 million-square-foot plant would employ 5,000 workers and become Tesla’s fourth automotive assembly plant.

During the global financial crisis, Tesla bought the Fremont, California-based The factory, which becomes the first in Tesla’s big car-making plan.

The company began production of the Model 3 sedan at its factory on the outskirts of Shanghai earlier this year and plans to start production at its new factory in Minberlin next year .

Tesla revealed that eight states were initially identified as viable candidates to locate a Cybertruck plant, and in making the decision Previously, the company received an unspecified incentive package. After that Tesla narrowed down the candidates.

The contents of the aforementioned document also show that “the factory candidates have now been focused on two locations in Oklahoma and Texas.” Tesla also said its ability to win tax credits from the Del Valle School District will have a significant impact on the factory siting decision.

In the report, the company noted, “This issue is particularly important for Texas because, relative to other states, the state’s real estate and Personal property tax levels are high.”

Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Sean Kapling says Tulsa is still looking for a Cybertruck plant to locate there .

In a statement released Thursday, he said, “To attract Tesla to Oklahoma, we have developed a compelling set of A program that balances all parties. More importantly, it’s a responsible set of incentives based on factory performance.”

Last November Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck prototype, which Elon Musk said was similar to the Global Mechanism.

The pickup truck models are completely different. It’s worth noting that a large portion of the latter three companies’ profits come from sales of the pickup truck models.

At the prototype launch, Elon Musk originally wanted to validate the vehicle on the spot

The video went viral on the Internet, causing a huge publicity effect. The video of the scene went viral on the Internet and generated a huge amount of publicity.

His announcement that he would be building the factory prompted a number of cities and states across the country to throw their support behind the new Tesla factory. able to locate locally.

The move is reminiscent of when Tesla announced plans to build a large battery factory in 2014. After the state of Nevada offered $1.3 billion in incentives, Tesla’s battery factory ended up in the area.

During the new coronavirus pandemic, a California county government blocked the reopening of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, which led Musk Threatening to move Tesla’s headquarters and future projects to Texas or Nevada.

In fact, Tesla’s search for a potential location for the Cybertruck factory began before that. Just days after he went on a rant over the matter, the company restarted production despite the objections of county health officials.

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