6 Most Reliable Used SUV Cars

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6 Most Reliable Used SUV Cars. Sometimes, just a test drive can convince us that we really, really need the automatic door opener or the beautiful 10-speaker Audio System. Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing a car, interesting choices today can sometimes lead to financial heartbreak tomorrow.

After all, every new car seems to be reliable. So how can you be sure that a shiny impulse buy sitting in front of the dealership can walk away without wrecking your bank account?

Long-term road tests are a great place to start. Our team of technical wizards monitor each vehicle we evaluate over the course of 40,000 miles. This allows us to draw a reliable picture of initial quality and reliability.

And after that? Fortunately, tools such as the J.D. Power reliability rating help us track the most common How cars have evolved over time.

J.D. Power gets its data by tracking more than 80,000 drivers who have owned a car for three years. All of this information is aggregated, analyzed and ultimately organized by what the company calls its Quality and Reliability Score.

We use this number to score each award winner, with a higher score indicating fewer problems reported during the evaluation period.

1. The 2016 Ford Expedition

Smile kids, Kool-Aid stains and curb rashes – that’s the Ford Expedition’s big powertrain. First day of work and now 14 years of service. According to J.D. Power, although it is the least reliable, its past performance with Expedition There’s no arguing.

Tough going, soaking wet, many of these family-friendly SUVs have stratospheric numbers marked on their odometers while continuing to Roaming the up and down lanes of America.

In 2018 testing, we enjoyed the Expedition’s latest engine and transmission options, but were surprised by its The lagging fuel economy is impressive. Still, the Expedition is as viable an option as ever for those whose space needs are only slightly less than those of a school bus.

2. 2016 Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 is a baby luxury crossover. Originally based on the Volkswagen Audi Group’s modular PQ35 platform, the Q3 is now based on the MQB platform, which is the same as the company’s small sedan and coupe products share many foundations.

While reliability hasn’t always been Audi’s strong suit, the Q3’s impressive score is likely due to its modular VW truck parts Box components are widely available.

Stacked with the BMW X1, the new Q3 was praised for its lively steering feel and substantial skid pad performance. It proves to be more spacious than the BMW, front and rear, despite limited cargo space.

3. 2016 Volkswagen Tucson

Not surprisingly, the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan is just one slot ahead of Audi. After sharing a platform with the Q3, the once tiny VW SUV does a good job of combining efficiency, sportiness and practicality.

However the present Tiguan has undergone a metamorphosis, sprouting a third row and reinventing itself to make it extra like the Mid-size SUVs. Our tests of brightly colored front-wheel drive examples show that they’re both practical and efficient. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of performance and driving pleasure, as VW tries to cater to new buyers with the Tiguan range.

4. 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe

In our 2017 review, we praised the Hyundai Santa Fe for its interior comfort and available technology. Three years later, it’s nice to know that it’s also available in the reliability department.

Hyundai has come a long way since it entered the U.S. market in the mid-1980s, and today it offers SUVs and Some of the highest value cars in the entry-level luxury segment.

While the 2016 Santa Fe was born in the shadow of the old Hyundai, the current version is the most valuable in this An example of how the Korean automaker is making strides.

In our latest midsize crossover Comparo, the 2019 Santa Fe gains for its features, value, and practicality Second place finish.

5. 2016 BMW X3

When BMW only offered one small SUV, the X3 was praised for its simplicity, driving etiquette and stylish looks. It’s already available in both petrol and diesel variants for 2016 and has proven to be one of the most practical models in the BMW line-up.

Surprisingly, the company’s legendary inline-6 has not only stood the test of time, but continues to become more desirable Impressive.

A good example is the 2020 X3 M we tested last year, which comes with BMW’s new S58 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine. In race trim, the twin-turbo engine produces 503 hp and is capable of turning the small SUV’s Speed is up to 60 mph. Yes, it’s 3.3 seconds.

6. 2016 Kia Soul

The relationship between the Kia Soul and the small rodent will forever remain a mystery to many of us. However, it’s hard to match the success of the company’s iconic advertising campaign, which helped put more than 100 million baby SUVs.

Small, simple and inexpensive toaster-shaped machines seem to offer Scion for those who drive it. xB can never satisfy satisfaction. There’s no doubt that the Soul makes the short list for J.D. Power reliability, while also earning the car and driver Top 10 Truck and SUV Alumni honors.

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